Renewable Energy

Listed below you can find a short abridgment of our accomplished projects in the sector of renewable energy to date.


Internal Consumption Optimization - Excess Regulation

With the excess regulator the amortization period of a PV system can be reduced to only a few years, because the excess energy the system creates can be used for internal consumption. A web-surface ensures easy parameterizing without precognition and without the necessity of an app. Due to the device-independent web-surface the parameterization and the monitoring can be done on every browser-enabled device (Android, iPhone, iPAD, Windows, Linux …)



Which users can be targeted? The module shows two analog and two relay-outputs (16A). Therefore it is possible to charge, for example, boilers, heat pumps or electric cars in case the PV system generates excess energy. All of this without integration of the inverter, meaning independently.


Compact electronics for novel pellet stove

Cozy effectiveness in heating - this now is made really simple with the novel pellet stoves that seamlessly integrate themselves into the living space and supply the entire home with healthy warmth. All of this with a high level of effectiveness and low pollutant emission.


The control those pellet stoves functions very easily with the compact electronics by Wallner Automation, which has been developed to exactly match the requirements. The versatile electronics regulates and controls for example temperature, pellet supply and heat exchange of pellet stoves in houses and flats. Moreover, the tool can be easily operated by all mobile devices.


Technical data:


  • PT100/1000 measurement
  • Lambda regulation
  • Relais-/ semiconductor outputs
  • Digital inputs
  • Rotation speed controlled heating pump
  • Communication with touch-display via modbus

Regulation of Consumable Water Supply

The handling of the vital resource water is going to gain of importance in the future. Therefore Wallner Automation developed a control system that enables to save 60% of a households’ water consumption. With electronics developed by Wallner Automation, two servo-motors are regulated from an external offset operating device (e.g. water tab), in a way that water quantity, pressure and temperature are exactly matched with the standards of the operating unit. In addition to an increase in housing quality, this positively affects the household expenses and furthermore actively contributes to the protection of the environment.


Technical data:

  • 2 motor outputs, short circuit- and overload safe
  • PWM-control of 2 DC-engines and regulation of those
  • Galvanically separated bus interface to the operating unit (e.g. water tab)
  • Expandable to up to 256 PCB by bus interface
  • ARM7 processor (Atmel)
  • And more

Testboard for Photovoltaic Test System

Usually the term printed circuit board is associated with the color green. A white printed circuit board, developed by Wallner Automation GmbH for a well-known Austrian institute, proves that this does not always has to be the case. The conductor board which has been developed by us can be used at test assemblies for photovoltaic systems. In this special context, the physical characteristic of a white surface (reflection of light) is essential for correct measurements. By this means the actual performance of the photovoltaic system can be determined without distortion due to dark measuring equipment.


Technical data:

  • Total of 33 Pogo-Pins
    • 22 for current measurement
    • 11 for voltage measurement
  • Temperature determination by PT100-measuring resistor
  • Tolerance for spring contact positioning:0.1mm
  • Dimensions: 240mm x 35mm
  • White surface coating for utmost reflection of light

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