Industrial Electronics

Brushless DC engine regulation with TFT-display

Portable, battery-powered and intuitive to use - with a graphical user interface, developed by experienced industrial designers.

The device controls and regulates 3 engines with up to 200W power, can be read out by WLAN or Bluetooth and features a 2.8" inch TFT-display in order to be operated in a user-friendly and textless way all over the world. Due to the brushless technology the device excels, amongst others, in very little wear.


The hand-held device basically features the following functionalities:

  • Control and regulation of 3 pieces brushless DC engines with power up to 200W, 1KW Peak
  • Evaluation of Hall sensors and equivalent rotation speed control
  • Positioning by Hall sensors
  • Logbook read-out via Bluetooth
  • QS data addressable via WLAN
  • Cortex M3
  • 2,8" inch TFT display for intuitive operation
  • many more functions ...

Radio control – worldwide requested

As its first own product, Wallner Automation developed a radio control especially for the extremely rough application on construction sites and in industry. Currently, the device is in use at blow-in machines for processing of cellulose insulation and other loose and free-flowing insulating materials. There it takes care of a practical and time-saving regulation of the material- and air volume. Due to the easy adaptability of the device, it is suitable for many more areas of application. For more possible uses please feel free to contact us.


Technical data:


  • Reach >200 meters (in open field)
  • Bidirectional radio communication
  • Analog and digital in- and outputs (can be adapted according to customer specifications)
  • Communication either by radio or by RS485
  • Hand-held device can be operated with battery or with bus cable
  • Robust industrial-battery
  • Operating time with battery approximately 30 hours
  • Charging time of battery approximately 2,5 hours
  • Robust casing, especially for use on construction sites and industry
  • Delivery carried out in robust case, complete with charger, hand-held device and receiver

EtherCAT - bus coupler

Since 2008 Wallner Automation is member of EtherCAT Technology Group. Thus, we are able to implement solutions with both ASIC and FPGA. An example is an EtherCAT slave bus coupler with FPGA (IPCore) including customer-specific bus connection to the I/O-system.

  • Altera Cyclone III
  • EtherCAT Slave
  • Including 2 Port Switch


EtherCAT - Switch (4-fold)

In this project, an EtherCAT slave bus coupler with FPGA (IPCore) and a port expansion have been developed in order to be able to use up to four EtherCAT ports.

  • Altera Cyclon III
  • Cascading of the IP-Cores


PowerLink - bus coupler

In another project Wallner Automation realized a PowerLink slave bus coupler with FPGA-technology and connection to a customer-specific I/O-protocol.

  • Altera Cyclon III
  • PowerLink IP
  • 2 Port Hub


Sercos III - bus coupler

Another example for realized projects in the sector or industrial electronics so far, is a Sercos III-bus coupler with FPGA-technology and a connection to a customer-specific I/O-protocol.

  • Altera Cyclon III
  • Sercos III as Slave
  • 2 Port Switch