04.11.2015 15:30

internal consumption optimization of PV-systems with the new excess regulator VoltoPlus

excess regulator Voltoplus

Voltoplus brings the sun into house and energy system – therefore ensuring an efficient use of solar power.
The new excess regulator Voltoplus serves to optimize internal consumption of excess energy that is produced by photovoltaic systems. Incorporated in the device are two analog and two relay-outputs (16A), enabling energy to be forwarded to appliances, as for example boilers, heat pumps, coolers or electric cars. All of this occurs completely independently from an inverter. Parameterizing can be easily conducted without any precognition on a web-surface that is totally device-independent. For this purpose, any browser-enabled device (Android, iPhone, iPAD, Windows, Linux …) can be used.


PLUS that Voltoplus reduces the amortization period of a photovoltaic system to only a few years.


Buy now online at www.voltoplus.com/en/.